Chaise Lounge 2017 Vermont Tour!!

This weekend, July 8-11 2017, the intrepid six travel up north to play for hundreds of people and hundreds of thousands of pine trees!  With shows in St Johnsbury, Greensboro and Derby Line Vermont, we’re covering at least… well, about 1/1,200th of the state with Mocha Frappacino-ey musical goodness.

In fact, the heck with it – the good old U.S. of A. can’t even contain us – our show in Derby Line is square on the U.S./Canada border.  The guys on the right side of the stage are wearing Canadian Mountie hats, and the guys on the left are wearing big ten-gallon jobbers.  They may or may not be working on “the Wall” in the middle of the stage during our performance, you’ll know if you hear a jackhammer during the trombone solos (pls post jokes below).

Either way the shows will be YUUGE, featuring music from our most recent release, The Lock & The Key.

We hope to see our New England buddies at one (or more) of the shows!!  And maybe some bears…